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Step 1 - Define Your Goals

This may sounds strange but the most important is to identify the goals of your website, these goals are the actions you require your users/customers to complete which are called conversions.

For most websites the answers are simple:

By understanding the goals we can analyse the data from your stats and get a better understanding of the user journey and where we need to drive traffic to your website.

Step 2 - Increase Traffic

Google Adwords is a great tool for driving traffic to your website, by targeting the right audience we are maximising your potenial conversions, ie: the right type of user that wants to buy your products or do business with your website.

By pairing this up with Google analytics we are ensuring that any engagement can be measured and tracked to maximise our chances of spotting where the website is not performing.

Step 3 - Analyse Traffic

Google analytics can be installed on to all web pages and helps to give an insight in to how your website is performing, by using the tools in Google analytics it is possible to analyse the user journey and potentially spot where your users are getting stuck or confused about the next step.

Our installation team will ensure that the tracking codes are installed correctly for maximum efficiency and that it has no impact on the websites features.

Step 4 - Develop Hypothosis

Armed with the information from the analytics reports we can start to develop a hypothosis. This plan of action can be tested in a number of different ways to ensure maimum results:

Once we are positive we have the correct plan of action to maximise conversions the changes will be made to the website from there we will be able to track on monitor the changes to understand what percentage the conversions have improved.