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Multivariant testing

Multivariant Testing

Websites by their very nature are built form a number of elements that can be changed and edited giving a vast number of different variables for any one page.

With the latest muluti variant testing tools its possible for us to create diffrent variations of the page by changing things like colour, font size and even positioning. By doing this it gives us the ability how your customers are interacting with your website and make informed decisions about the changes that need to be made in order to make higher conversions for your website.

Multivariant testing is very similar to A/B testing it delivers data that allows us to make profitable decisions about the overall userexperiance. The main difference is that a number of different variables can be tested in each experiment.

Using this method of testing as a form of website optimisation allows us to gather huge amounts of data giving us a detailed insight into complex customer behaviour. Using this data and continuingly testing guarantess that that only the very best variations will be used leading to significant conversion rate increases.